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Welcome to Church is Good!!

First of all, a word of confession. The Church is imperfect. It’s full of sinners, after all. The Church is full of people who, with the best of intentions, still get it wrong. The Church does not exist or gather together because we have all the answers, or because we have life and love or God all figured out. We gather together to draw strength and wisdom from each other and from the Spirit of Christ who promises to live among us.

So we’re doing the best we can. And we invite you to join us! We feel that Jesus meant the Church to be a blessing to the world. And His presence, embodied in the people who gather as Church, is on a mission to make a difference in His name, and that means a POSITIVE difference, MEANINGFUL, working together for something that MATTERS.

Churchisgood invites you to find a congregation near you by using the map links below.

Please note: Locations on the map are approximate. You can enlarge map by using + and – signs, and moving it around with your mouse.